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City Airport Police Dog Chase


City airport area in on high alert! Ground staff has raised the security to protect innocent civilians from terrorists. Play as cop dog in City Airport Police Dog Chase to secure passengers from organized crimes of public enemy.In this newest City Airport Police Dog Chase; play as trained german shepherd. Assist police officer working under security staff to arrest the most wanted criminals of crime town. Get ready for a tough duty; check airplane passengers arriving at airport lobby. Sniff around to detect firearms and bombs like a well trained & professional cop dog. Chase the narcotics & drug traffickers; catch them & lock behind the prison bars. Prevent illegal trafficking of drugs & weapons and criminal transport. Use your skills of canine dogs and sniff to detect the trouble. Don’t let the suspicious escape; run chase them before they get into airplane and dog jump & fight to catch armored terrorist. What the hell! a guy stealing from passenger or lockpick any luggage for heist. Show some badass action in crime city; slither and pounce to catch the terrorists in this virtual dog simulator game. Dog racing behind stray thugs habitual for robbed travelers.
Fulfilling your duty as cop dog; take responsibility of policeman and arrest smugglers and gangsters. On police duty you have partner canine dogs to assist you. K9 dogs sniff passengers luggage and trace the bomb. Call squad for bomb disposal; pounce and slither to catch sneaking public enemy. Check all people arriving at airport and shoot the suspicious to protect civilians from terrorist attack. It is your professional dog duty to prevent trouble in airplane flights. Shoot the terrorists planning to blow up planes; arrest drug traffickers in crime simulator 2016. Lock all these criminals behind the prison bars and protect innocent passengers.
 Realistic 3D city airport environment Challenging criminal arrest & bomb disposal missions Multiple Police dogs like german shepherd, k9 & canine dogs Real dog sniffing & smooth dog run controls